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Day Zero Episode 1x8: Metamorphosis now premiering!!!

Posted by Cal Nguyen on Wednesday, October 24, 2012, In : Season 1 

Hey Day Zero fans, our Halloween Special Episode, #8: "Metamorphosis" is now released!!! This introduces a newly improved closing credit theme song, played by violinist Elyse Hudson (thank you Elyse! We'll get your creds on the next episode). Let us know your thoughts on how it sounds :) This is our most action-packed episode yet (with the most Hybrids)! Please share with your friends and enjoy the show! What a great ensemble cast we have this time around. Thanks!!!

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Day Zero Blooper Reel #5 released!

Posted by Cal Nguyen on Saturday, October 13, 2012,
It's up and ready for laughs :) Enjoy!

With Ken Applegate, Emily Guglietti, Deven Skye, Leo Lynton, Julie Touchet, Scott Smith, Jon Young, Kabrina Miller, Nate Sears and Anna Grachanin
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