Day Zero: The Series




Shawn Stevens

Larry Clifton

Kelli Dougal

Mark Webb

E. Clark Marshall

Calbert Beck

Eric McGraw

Duy Beck

Jason L. Wright

Carter Blanc

Jake Long

Richard Scott Dean

Kenneth Applegate

Emilyne Guglietti

Deven (Skye) Baldwin

Cal Nguyen

Leo (Jared) Lynton

Julie Touchet

Ethan Aguilar

Bill Gillane

Colin McDermott

Flo Donelli

Morgan Mabey

Crystal Udy

John F. Cruz

Corey Sondrup

Jaclyn Easton

Jonny Swenson

David Bodtcher

Jason Buchanan

Quinci Staker


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Father John

Agent Ben Lott

Myriam Hagar

President Rand

Leo Pemberton

Sergeant Wilkerson

Lt Col Thetis

SGT Harris


Lt Shifter

Capitaine Bernard

Blake Edwards

Russell Braddock

Kathleen "Kat" Finch

Rachael Shore

Jim Lecter

Cameron Clark

Rosie Parker

Landon Parker

Special Agent Ben Lott

Sergeant Tiras Abel

Diana Cantaray

Namaah Cain

Sarah Edwards

General Simeon Cain

Sergeant-Major Daniels

First Sergeant Majors

Private Aaron Gonzales

Chaplain Amos

Special Agent Tobit

Elizabeth Abimelech

Cal Nguyen

Cal Nguyen, Dezz Haymond, Tim Sabuco, Tony Fisher, Larry Mondragon

Cal Nguyen

Tim Sabuco, Jason Cecala, Mario DeAngelis, Kelton Stewart

Cal Nguyen

Cal Nguyen

Cal Nguyen, Kelsi Swensen

Kelsi Swensen and Cal Nguyen

Cal Nguyen

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