Day Zero: The Series


Season 1:

Season 2 (Prime):


EPISODE - #2.1 - SEASON 2 PREMIERE - "REQUIEM"originally aired 7/24/2013.

The survivors attempt to make their new home hospitable, while another group is on the hunt for Jim Lecter.

day zero season 2 premiere episode requiem tv television webseries apocalypse scifi

EPISODE - #2.2 - "REDEMPTION"originally aired 3/24/2014.

Jim's past has caught up with him when Ben's hold on the other survivors reaches its breaking point. Meanwhile, a startling experiment leads to even more mystery surrounding the Hybrids.

EPISODE - #2.3 - "REVELATIONS", originally aired 5/1/2014.

As the Hybrid experiment continues, a profound revelation about Ben's group creates an opportunity for the original survivors, while Diana and Namaah's attempt to unlock the mystery surrounding a newly discovered survivor pits them against unforeseen dangers.

day zero revelations

EPISODE - #2.4 - "SACRIFICIAL LAMB", originally aired 9/17/2014.

Tiras's past comes back to haunt him, placing the survivors in danger as one of them offers up the ultimate sacrifice.

day zero sacrificial lamb

EPISODE - #2.5 - "RETURN TO SENDER", originally aired 11/11/2014.

A lone survivor shares a secret mystery revealed about the Hybrids, as Tiras is grilled for a major mistake that could cost the survivors their lives.

day zero return to sender

 EPISODE - #2.6 - "RESURRECTION", originally aired 10/06/2015.

A new alliance forms between an emboldened South and other Utahns empathetic to the Pioneer cause, that could have implications for Ben's team.

day zero resurrection

EPISODE - #2.7 - "CRUCIFIED", originally aired 10/13/2015.

As the Confederates assist the Deseret Pioneers in taking Utah back from the federal government, a clash of egos surfaces at the camp. Meanwhile, Rachael triggers an investigation into a mystery involving someone among their ranks.

day zero crucified

EPISODE - #2.8 - "PERSECUTION", originally aired 2/23/2016.


The survivors are visited by a team of militia seeking unification, only to find themselves splintered on opposite sides of a great divide.

EPISODE - #2.9 - "ALPHA", originally aired 6/10/2016.

As backup arrives to support General Cain's men, a returning survivor tries to seek refuge. Elsewhere, Ben's team is met with even more opposition.

day zero alpha

EPISODE - #2.10 - "OMEGA", originally aired 9/27/2016

The new CSA is confronted by something more sinister surrounding the survivors' base, while a pivotal discovery regarding Jim threatens to set the world back into the brink of oblivion.


EPISODE - #1.1 - PILOT - "LETHAL"originally aired 9/16/2011.

Blake Edwards' hand is forced when the other survivors stop tolerating his drug habit. Frustrated by the inability to comprehend
the situation, Blake engages in taking on the radiation-infected hybrids alone.

day zero lethal pilot episode 1x1 tv television webseries

EPISODE - #1.2 - "REQUITAL"originally aired 4/25/2012.

Blake's newfound path from destruction becomes a tedious work in progress. Meanwhile, Rachael and Cameron commit a mistake that needlessly places all of the survivors' lives in jeopardy.

day zero requital

EPISODE - #1.3 - "SUSPICION"originally aired 5/23/2012.

Landon Parker must learn to deal with the others' patronizing ways surrounding his deafness. And the survivors
soon discover they aren't exactly alone.

day zero suspicion

EPISODE - #1.4 - "BETRAYAL", originally aired 6/27/2012.

The survivors face a loyalty issue with the new visitors. Later, Russell Braddock's heroic plans backfire.

day zero betrayal

EPISODE - #1.5 - "MEMORIAM", originally aired 7/25/2012.

Russell reflects on how he met Kat Finch sometime after Day Zero.

day zero memoriam

EPISODE - #1.6 - "DEMENTIA", originally aired 8/30/2012.

Jim Lecter's delusions take him to places he'd rather soon forget.

day zero dementia

EPISODE - #1.7 - "PHOENIX", originally aired 9/26/2012.

An embarrassing moment arises as Russell's thoughts are misinterpreted, leading to rumors.

day zero phoenix

 EPISODE - #1.8 - "METAMORPHOSIS", originally aired 10/24/2012.

A plan to leave the camp after a hybrid incident, is met with mixed emotions. Soon, a revelation is brought
to light regarding the hybrids as Rachael becomes a liability.

day zero metamorphosis

EPISODE - #1.9 - "DAWN", originally aired 11/28/2012.

Cameron's altered behavior creates fear among the group. Elsewhere, Blake and Rachael have an intimate discussion.

day zero dawn

EPISODE - #1.10 - SEASON FINALE - "DUSK", originally aired 12/26/2012.

The season ends with an increased hybrid presence, threatening the survivors' hopes of keeping their home base. And efforts to find a cure to save one of their own, forces them to contemplate mercy killing.

day zero dusk










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